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as well as promoting its technical platform for creating multiplayer games.

  • Liquid jelly: Marmalade story

    Thrilling adventures! A variety of astonishing locations, lots of fascinating levels and unique gameplay will not leave you unmoved! Marmalade Story: Liquid Jelly needs you!

  • Marmalade Towers

    Collect long chains of marmalade of the same color! Collect the cookie and have fun!

  • Pet War

    Here, cats vie with dogs for the right to be the only companions of man.

  • Forbidden Racing

    The world of Forbidden racing is waiting for you! It’s a world of charged supercars, big money, and beautiful girls. A world without rules and restrictions. Show everyone who’s the real street racer!

  • Tuner Life Online Drag Racing

    World of Tuner Life is the community of the strongest. There is no place for the weak. This is the world of harsh guys and girls that are not inferior to them. Here they find out who is the best racer.

  • Tap Odyssey

    After a dozen years they returned. Mighty warriors, wise teachers, they opened the eyes of scientists to the nature of things, defeated hunger, provided the military with the most state-of-the-art equipment. Then they flew away again and Second Contact was over.

Liquid jelly: Marmalade story
Marmalade Towers
Pet War
Forbidden Racing
Tuner Life Online Drag Racing
Tap Odyssey

Game Server

We provide a platform for making multiplayer games. Snipe server is a comprehensive backend solution for creating online games, fast, and scalable.

Perfect fit for PvP, Instant Games, IO Games, Social games, MMO/MOBA and other kinds of multiplayer games.




Core members
  • Vlad Engelgardt CEO
  • Alexey Doroshev CIPO
  • Sergey Lukovkin CTO
  • Maxim Skuratov Backend Ninja
  • Kirill Turov Senior developer
  • Alexander Lomovcev 3D ART
  • Anton Bystrukov ART
  • Alexander Rudakov ART
  • Luba Bystrukova ART
  • Mike Vostrikov Producer
  • Ivan Shavrin Tester
  • Pavel Simushin Middle developer
  • Andrei Vinnik Middle developer
  • Dmitry Gruzdev Game Design
  • Alexander Suhin Game Design
  • Elena Skuratova Community manager
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